The following guide is designed to explain, step-by-step, how to utilize Hearthhead's Deckbuilder.

  1. Start by selecting 'Deckbuilder' from the site navigation menu.

  2. Under 'Class Select' choose the class your deck will be used by.

  3. Under 'Deck Name' enter the name you wish to identify your deck with. You may also select your 'Archetype' and decide if the deck will be 'Public' or 'Private'.
    If you should make a mistake or wish to start over entirely the 'Reset' button is at your mercy.

  4. (Optional) Click the '+' icon to toggle the 'Description & Guide' section. You do not need to fill this out if you don't want to but we encourage it to ensure you have a robust and useful deck guide.

  5. Now you can start building your deck. In this section you can search directly for your cards by name, use the various filters or you can also select 'My Cards' to have it only display cards you own. The 'My Cards' filter is only accessible to those who are logged in and who have either manually entered their collection on the site or properly utilized the tools made available by 'Deckmate'.

    In order to select cards simply click them. If you make a mistake or need to remove one, right-click the card you selected (you can also right-click the card names on the right to remove them).

    Tip: Both Class & Basic cards are shown by default. You can click the icons to filter them in/out.

  6. While you select your cards the 'Mana & Type', 'Mechanics' and 'Rarity' tables will update in real time so you can get an idea of your decks status at a glance.

  7. You can also see your deck's progress on the right-hand side. From here you can click 'Submit' to save your deck and publish it (assuming you opted to make it public).

  8. After clicking 'Submit' you'll be taken to your deck. From here you can 'Edit Deck', 'Make Private/Public', or 'Delete Deck'.

  9. If you should need to find the deck later. You can click 'Decks' on the site navigation bar and click 'Decks I Own' to have them displayed. You may need to tinker with the filters a bit if it's new. 

  10. That's it. You've successfully made your deck. Feel free to share it with your friends by providing them the direct link shown when viewing the deck page from Step #8.

We hope this guide has proved useful. If you still need additional help, do not hesitate to submit a ticket. Thank you!